Voices from Ogaden

25th November 2016  By Melody Sundberg

“On October 29, 2016, Abdi Mohamoud Omar, the President of the Somali Regional State, executed my younger brother Faysal Muhumed Omer, who was 36 year old. The President ordered the killing, but I have the names of the three other people who planned and executed this horrific and unimaginable execution.”

These words are written by one of my Facebook friends. One does not scroll pass a post like that without at least being affected by it.

One year ago, I interviewed whistle blower Abdullahi Hussein about the crimes against human rights in the Ogaden (Somali) region in Ethiopia. I strongly felt a need to publish more about it on Untold Stories. It however turned out to be difficult, as my contacts from Ogaden were few. Now, it is time to open the door to this closed region.

In the latest weeks I have taken part of horrifying stories about what the regions president, Abdi Mohamoud Omar, is doing to the locals. He is a man who jails, tortures and kills everyone he simply does not like. Those who criticizes his way of ruling the region disappear without a trace. But his tyranny has not stayed in Ethiopia. Human Rights Watch has recently reported that people in the Western world, who has dared to protest against the president, is threatened into silence. The president’s informants are well spread and the families of the protesters are punished without mercy. At the same time, the resistance against the presidents’ harsh ruling continues. I recently attended a press conference about a new initiative for human rights in the region.

People have had enough. It is time to say no. Several articles about the situation in Ogaden has been published on Untold Stories during the latest weeks. Some of them have a blank header picture, illustrating the dark reality. Please read them, and share. Make others aware. People who think that it is okay to kill innocents are hiding in Western societies. This is something that Swedish politicians and medias has to highlight.

Fayisal was a dad. I will end by these words from an article written by Aden Hassan.

“ The judge is Faysal’s child. The question is simple; no nuance needed. No contortions. No sophistry:

Did you speak up for me? ”

Melody Sundberg
Project manager of Untold Stories. Photographer and artist. Educated in Psychology.

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