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Kality – Testimonials from Prisoners of Conscience

Many untold stories of journalists, poets, writers, bloggers and other...

2nd April 2017  By Caalaa Hayiluu Abaataa

Ogaden: Breaking the Networks of Oppression

The Somali (Ogaden) region in Ethiopia, despite being one of the most oppressive...

23rd November 2016  By Aden Hassan

Untold Stories firar ett år!

Untold Stories startade som ett projekt med uppdraget att ge röst till...

1st November 2016  By Melody Sundberg

So, You Think You are a Democrat?

The rationale behind the question is challenging. A democrat believes in the rule...

20th October 2016  By Wondemagne Ejigu

Journalist Tesfalem Waldyes about the Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia

Blank Spot Project and Civil Rights Defenders organized a seminar on the human...

6th October 2016  By Melody Sundberg

Kära svenska läsare: Dina pengar hamnar i händerna på diktatorer!

Jag har en ödmjuk förfrågan till dig att som medmänniska göra något...

27th September 2016  By Wondemagne Ejigu

Three Countries – Three Similarities

People once feared that anti-terrorism laws could be used to jail journalists....

23rd September 2016  By Melody Sundberg

Dear Swedish Reader: Your Money Ends Up In the Hands of Dictators!

I have a humble request of humanity to you regarding doing something about...

9th September 2016  By Wondemagne Ejigu

Abdullahi Hussein, Whistleblower: – There Will Come a Day When Everyone Stands in Front of Justice

Abdullahi Hussein’s story is quite remarkable. As the head of the media...

20th April 2016  By Melody Sundberg

What I Wish They Had Told Me: Reconciling My Black Identity With My White Western Surrounding

I wish growing up that someone had told me that it is okay that I will...

14th April 2016  By Victoria Akanga

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