Message to the Ethiopian Government

17th December 2016  By Melody Sundberg

Melody Sundberg
Project manager of Untold Stories. Photographer and artist. Educated in Psychology.

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Hi, Melody
I watched your interview on OMN, and your video on which you warned the so called the Ethiopian government. Actually they are not government; they are the Tigre MAFIA groups. They burn the prisoners they hold in their jail cells, they commit mass killing even on the peoples gatherings for example , the irrecha mascara, they continuously jail citizens and rob their properties regardless of age, sex and religion only for their being the member of a certain ethic group, for example the OROMO people, they kill the pregnant women and children. They shat down the internet to hide their evil deeds and tell the world that they are ‘democrat’. Nonetheless, the truth will be revealed by the effort of a determined people like you. Thank you very much for your effort and siding the voiceless.

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