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Dear Swedish Reader: Your Money Ends Up In the Hands of Dictators!

I have a humble request of humanity to you regarding doing something about...

9th September 2016  By Wondemagne Ejigu

Challenges of Reporting From Exile

I am one of many exiled Ethiopian journalists living in our neighboring...

22nd August 2016  By Fasil Girma

It is Time for The World to Care About the Ethiopia Protests

Protests have shaken Ethiopia on and off for years, but during the latests...

18th August 2016  By Melody Sundberg

The Untold Plight of the Amhara People

The massive civil uprising in Ethiopia last week has captivated the attention...

16th August 2016  By Wondemagne Ejigu

#EthiopiaProtests: Nightmare of the Incumbent

Oromia, the biggest and most populated regional state of Ethiopia,...

8th August 2016  By BefeQadu Z. Hailu

Injustice Disguised as Justice

It always shocks me when I witness the arrests of human rights activists...

8th August 2016  By Meron Mesfin

Poet Caalaa Hayiluu Abaataa about the Oromo people and the oppression by the Ethiopian government

"But the government - of course, it is not a government, actually - is a group...

8th June 2016  By Melody Sundberg

The Ethiopia We Need

We need Ethiopia to be a country where every individual is treated equally,...

26th May 2016  By Milkissa Chimdessa Wodajo

Oromo Poet Caalaa Hayiluu Abaataa: “Don’t Chase Me”

The poem "Don't Chase Me" read by the author himself, Caalaa Hayiluu Abaataa....

11th May 2016  By Melody Sundberg

Oromo Poet Caalaa Hayiluu Abaataa

Poem read by the author himself, Caalaa Hayiluu Abaataa. The poem in Afaan...

11th May 2016  By Melody Sundberg

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