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Information on illustrations and photos of jailed journalists and bloggers

Some of the illustrations, such as those portraying journalists and bloggers, are based on photos found online. Sometimes, the actual photos of these journalists and bloggers are published on Untold Stories. There are many photos of jailed journalists and bloggers circulating online. In most cases the photographer is unknown, and in many cases, he or she want to stay anonymous due to security reasons. Because of the stated reasons, the photographer is usually very difficult to find. Because if this, we have in many cases not been able to add credit to the photographer.

We always want to write credit (byline) to the photographer, if possible. If you are the photographer, or know who has photographed any photo that you find here, or if you see a drawing based on a photo and you know who the photographer is, please contact us and we will write credit (byline) information.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Background photo by Mikael Sundberg – www.mikaelphoto.com. Used with permission.

Logo created for Untold Stories by Braca.


To the interviewees and article writers: The most special and biggest thank you for sharing your stories.

To the volunteering contributors for this site: Thank you for your excellent contributions. Without you, Untold Stories would not exist.

To Martin Schibbye and Kalityfonden, a big thanks for the support.

A special thank you to my friends and family for your insight, support, encouragement and motivation. You know who you are.