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The Ethiopia We Need

We need Ethiopia to be a country where every individual is treated equally,...

26th May 2016  By Milkissa Chimdessa Wodajo

What Makes People Go Bad? Part 1: When We Obey Evil

This is the first article in the series “What Makes People Go Bad?”....

6th May 2016  By Melody Sundberg

What I Wish They Had Told Me: Reconciling My Black Identity With My White Western Surrounding

I wish growing up that someone had told me that it is okay that I will...

14th April 2016  By Victoria Akanga

Visiting Jailed Journalist Woubshet Taye in Zeway Prison

Ethiopian journalist Woubshet Taye was arrested in June 2011 and has been...

6th April 2016  By BefeQadu Z. Hailu

When Crying is a Crime

Ethiopia is often praised for being the home of diversity. Different nations...

17th February 2016  By Barii Gurmu

What do our Leaders Really Serve – Their People or Their Self-Interests?

When two elephants fight each other, the first victims are the bushes and the small...

14th January 2016  By Daniel G. Areri

Human Trafficking in Sub Saharan Africa

Although it has been 200 years since slavery was officially abolished,...

4th December 2015  By Taneem Saeed

Ongoing drought in Ethiopia Being Hushed by its Own Government

Birtukan Ali, a woman living in a rural district in Ethiopia, became a sensation...

1st December 2015  By Fasil Girma

Torture Reported During Court Hearing of Ethiopian Activists

Blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu, along with Yonatan Wolde and Bahiru Degu,...

23rd November 2015  By Melody Sundberg

The Psychology of Rape

In many countries, a culture of rape is woven into the very fabric of society....

1st November 2015  By Melody Sundberg

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